AquaDawn – Condensation Device Invented by J. T. Madicus

AquaDawn condensation technology is an improvement on condensation technology – can provide up to half a liter of freshwater per day and its efficient and Portable Condensation Technology to Combat Drought and Provide Drinkable Water Where It’s Needed.

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Who is J.T. Madicus?

J. T. Madicus is an author, entrepreneur and activist known as the creator of the “Final Diagnosis” novels and TV series. His interest in the issue of drought comes from him being a proud citizen of California, which experiences severe drought every five years.

It was during J. T.’s time as a medical student in Antigua that he first realized the potential of condensation technology to provide water to the places that need it most.

Tired of the laborious task of collecting water every day, J. T. imported a humidifier from the United States which, when kept clean and efficiently managed, condensed up to four liters of drinking water per day from the atmosphere.


Small, Portable and Efficient – a Solar-Powered Solution to Drought

The trouble with standard, commercially available humidifiers is that they are bulky and therefore hard to transport, and also very inefficient – your average device requires 4800 Watts per day to produce as little as two litres of water. AquaDawn is an improvement on existing condensation technologies.

The result of several years of intensive R&D, AquaDawn is now capable of operating on as little as 50 Watts per day, is small enough to be transported by hand, and produces so far about 200ML of water per day. The product is still in development. When complete and combined with solar energy, it will be an effective and efficient option for gathering water in the increasing number of areas which face drought and water contamination.


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